How You Can Help

Have you been inspired by The Butterfly Project?  Would you like to help?  You can!


Butterflies are very easy to make in either crochet or origami. Please stick to the basic instructions, although feel free to use any yarn or origami paper you like.  Do not attach any decorations such as beads.  The finished product should be no larger than 3-4″ across maximum.  Links to the instructions are below.

There is a link below to the tags.  Please print them exactly as they are, making no changes.  If your printer does not print on both sides, please print page one, flip the printed pages over to run through the printer again and then print page two.  Please use a heavier paper like card stock.  Punch a hole in the upper left corner of the tag and attach it to the lower right wing of your butterfly with a length of yarn or ribbon, no more than 4″ long.

Once your butterflies are made and tags attached, please pray for the people who receive your butterflies however you feel God is leading you.  Then, leave them in public places where they can be easily found.


Crochet Butterfly Instructions

Origami Butterfly Instructions

 The Butterfly Project tags